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A State-Of-The-Art Website doesn’t have to cost more. Compu10 has been creating sites since 1994 crafting the online presence for over 450 businesses over the last 20 years. We build traditional HTML or Content Management System (CMS) driven sites with the look and functionality our clients request. No site is too small, too large or too challenging.

We specialize in WordPress sites. WordPress is the world’s leading CMS with an over 60% market share. When Compu10 creates your new WordPress site you’ll have:

  • The leading edge appearance you demand by selecting from over 6,000 free and low cost WordPress themes.
  • The big site advanced functionality you need via over 35,000 free and low cost WordPress plug-ins.
  • The ability to self-maintain your site with technical skills comparable to using Microsoft Word.
  • Future obsolescence protection as your new site’s content is separate from its design allowing a periodic new “look” by just changing themes.
  • Access to a huge array of how-to books, video tutorials, seminars, classes and technical resources.
  • Compu10’s support whenever there’s a “heavy lifting” task you’d like to pass on.

All of the above boil down to your biggest advantage … a Website with absolutely unbeatable total cost of ownership, both initially and for the foreseeable future. Our WordPress sites start at just $200. If you don’t talk to Compu10, you’ll pay too much and receive too little. Take a look at our site portfolio and talk to our clients.

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